In Loving Memory. Preserve Family Memories…Forever!

Orville’s Life Story Picture Memorial™
February 4, 2014
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In Loving Memory. Preserve Family Memories…Forever!

Want to know a Secret? You have a possession that is unique to you and your family. It’s yours and yours alone. No matter what age you are, whether man or woman, rich or poor. No one can take it away from you. It is a priceless possession, but cannot be sold!

It is so unique that it can truly be called one-of-a-kind.  Have you guessed what the secret possession is?

Your Secret possession is – your family memories and life story’s. Wouldn’t you agree that your secret possession is Priceless? Honoring and preserving your precious family memories is vital to preserving your family heritage and name!

What’s the best way to preserve your family heritage?

My late husband’s Life Story Picture Memorial™

Look at the picture of the memorial for my Husband, Orville Bealer. This Life Story Picture Memorial™ shows, in pictures, his Life Story beginning with a picture of him at 2 years old sitting on a apple crate in a Coeur d’Alene strawberry patch (to the left of bottom center on the memorial). Going clockwise are the life event pictures of him at age 14, 21, 32, 45 and 52. The center picture shows Orville’s joyful outlook and personality. A picture is worth a 1000 words and this memorial truly tells many life stories about my husband.

All of us like to hear stories. You pass family stories from one generation to the next by telling true-life stories about your relatives, past and present, to your children. Perhaps you have a family photo album or scrapbook for each family member or special event. That’s part of the secret to preserving your family heritage and name.

In future months I will share with you interesting stories of family’s that have recorded life stories for future generations to see and learn from. I have been blessed with the privilege of helping many families honor their loved ones who have passed away. They’ve done this with a unique, story-telling memorial. As you will learn, these memorial monuments are very personal tributes to the lost loved one and preserve the family heritage.

A memorial monument honors the lost loved one…Forever! My experiences for the past 30 years have been very rewarding and positive. It’s been an honor to help grieving family members pay tribute to a lost loved one.

I’ve helped comfort those numb from the shock of the loss of a spouse they’ve shared decades of life with.  I’ve experienced the anger of a Parent raging at the universe and everyone, over the senseless loss of their young daughter or son. Comforted and consoled a grieving adult child who lost a parent or sibling unexpectedly. I assure you, each experience was a unique and interesting story.

Each story will help you appreciate the precious relationship you have with your family members today! I hope you will share your precious family stories with your children and grandchildren so they can share this priceless family secret with their children and grandchildren. Until next month…

Honor the life they lived!

Preserve Family Memories…Forever!

Carole Bealer


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