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September 28, 2016
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Jennifer’s Letter

Jennifer’s Letter To Her Grandmother

Jennifer was a bright-eyed, bubbly 17 year old. She wrote this letter to her Grandmother who passed before Jennifer was born. Listen in with me as Jennifer excitedly describes the connection she made with her Grandmother and Grandfather…

Dear Grandma,

All of Moms’ pictures of you and Grandpa were lost in the attic fire before I was born. I never got a chance to see what you looked like until now. I really wish I could have met you!

I just had to write you and tell you about my experience!

Mom and I just got back from visiting you and Grandpa’s memorial monument headstone at the cemetery.

This was the first time I’ve seen the memorial.



Since I was little, Mom has always told me fascinating stories about you and Grandpa. As I stood quietly in the grass, I stooped over and peered very closely at the porcelain picture on the front of the memorial.

Grandpa is sooo handsome! Grandma you have such a beautiful smile.

Hmmm, This is interesting…I have your eyes!

What a pleasant surprise… My nose looks just like yours.

Grandpa’s chin is just like mine!

Wow! Looking closely at the picture, Mom was right… I can see both of you in me. I feel very honored to be your granddaughter!



US Air Force Security Service logo on granite.

Grandpa’s Air Force Shield engraved right on the granite memorial!



When I looked to the left of the porcelain picture, there was Grandpa’s Air Force Security Service shield, engraved right on the memorial.

This was the branch of the Air Force that Mom told me about.

Another part of Grandpa’s history I didn’t know much about.

I remember the story Mom told me about how you met Grandpa when he was stationed in Japan. That is very romantic!

Now my Great-Grandchildren will know what their Great-Great Grandfather looked like and the important work he did.

How cool is that!



US Air Force button Grandpa wore on his chest.

US Air Force button Grandpa wore on his chest.


I often dream about the life he had in Security Services. Traveling all over the world. Doing exciting Spy Stuff!

Mom tells me stories of when Grandpa was stationed in Alaska and they had to shoot a bear that was breaking into their food supply.

Now that would be scary!!






Mom has always told me stories about you and Grandpa. Thank you for this wonderful gift you gave me and our family.


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