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Preparing Teens For Adulthood

Adolescence can be a difficult time in a young one’s life for all involved. During this time, teens shed traits of childhood and learn to be a responsible young adult with self-restraint and mature enough thinking to leave home. The idea of them becoming independent may arouse skepticism, but with proper guidance your children or grandchildren can emerge with perceptive powers, able to discern right from wrong. What can help during this time?

Teenagers tend to demand more freedom than they can really handle, but parents may extend less than they could grant. Try writing down one or two areas in which you could extend a little more freedom. Explain to them that their freedom is on a trial basis and that when managed responsibly, they can be granted more and that the opposite is true as well.

Similarly, micromanaging a teen and confining them may only make them want to escape. The more control you may try to gain, the less you could end up having. The next time you speak about an issue together, try to help him reason on how his choices reflect on him. Help them to see how their choices enhance or hurt their reputation.

A father named Andre noted that, “The older your children get, the more you need to adjust your approach and to reason with him.” When issues arise, try reversing roles. Ask them what advice he would give you if they were the adult. Have them research a response and discuss the matter again within the week.

Feeling the consequences of their actions is important for adolescents. Don’t rescue them by paying off their debts or making excuses for a failing. The lesson will be long lasting when they determine the consequences.

Rarely is the transition from teen to adult smooth; however, with the proper guidance and support, a solid foundation can be made to help them become responsible and reliable.


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