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About Glacier Monuments

Since 1958 Glacier Signs & Monuments has created unique products in the sign and memorial monument headstone business.

Orville Bealer, the founder, was a natural-born artist. As a boy, he doodled constantly. The creative burn inside of him had to be released. This he did, as many artists do, by constantly fine tuning his creative want with hand sketches and doodles.He started hand lettering signs in 1958 in North Central Montana.

He continued to do this until 1980, when he and his wife, Carole, were approached and asked to buy a monument company by the name of Choteau Monuments. They decided to take the opportunity, and Orville began adopting and applying his artistic abilities as a sign maker to monuments.

Orville did all the artwork and engraving by hand, creating custom artwork that truly represented his customers.

Orville passed 15 years later, and Carole was left with the business. She took over for a time, until bringing her son Ron in as the General Manager. Ron later purchased the business in 2006. Carole, to this day, continues to help with the sales and day-to-day operations, working side by side with her son. "We work as a team," she sad.

Orville's original artwork is still available to customers today, showing the family tradition that serves as the backbone for Glacier Monuments. Glacier Monuments goal is to help in every way we can. We don't just make custom memorials. We know that the death of a loved one is difficult, and as a family business, we are here to help with that grief, and to help you create a unique memorial that will honor your loved one for generations to come!

Our Team

Carole Bealer

Family Heritage Preservation Specialist

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Ron Bealer

Montana's Only Certified Memorialist

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