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For 36+ years our family has been committed to helping your family create unique, personalized memorial monument headstones. This is our mission and "Why We Do What We Do".

Tell the "Life Story" of your past family members to future generations using your family's own artwork. Or create a memorial with exclusive, beautiful Montana Memorial Art™ from the late founder, Orville Bealer.

Experience the reward of creating a permanent tribute that your Great-Great Grandchild will see and connect with. Below are a few designs our clients have created for their future family.

Remember... they want to know about you and where they came from. All of us do!


Preserve Your Name and Heritage forever!

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Rocky Mountain Tops™

Rocky Mountain Tops are patterned after the beautiful rocky mountain range in northwest Montana, adding a touch of home to your loved ones memorial.

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Precision Sculpted Artwork™

Precision Sculpted Artwork™ - Carved and Colored Roses

Precision Sculpted Artwork™

Precision Sculpted Artwork is hand carved by highly trained artists. Each part of the sculpted artwork is carefully crafted to look like a real rose flower, hummingbird or artwork you choose specifically for you loved ones memorial. Create a beautiful 3D sculpture of your family members precious heirloom or artwork.

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Orville Bealer Signature Artwork™

Orville Bealer was the founding artist at Glacier Monuments. He created realistic mountain landscape art for memorial monument headstones.

Born and raised in the breathtaking, mountainous region of Coeur D' Alene, Idaho gave Orville the inspiration to express his God-given gift in his fine art oil paintings.

Today, his artwork is preserved digitally and used to create beautiful family memorials that showcase the natural mountain landscapes and wildlife that he grew up around and loved so much.

Now you can create a personalized memorial for you loved one using this artwork too!

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Orville Bealer Signature Artwork™

Orville Bealer Signature Artwork™

Customer Provided Artwork

Save memories forever! This option allows for customers to bring in their own art or pictures and have them engraved or etched onto a memorial.

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Life Story Picture Memorials™

Honor your loved ones life by showcasing the things that meant the most to them on a memorial, laser etched to last forever!

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Custom Benches

You can create a bench to memorialize a loved on and as a practical place to sit and rest. These are a few of the custom benches we've created for many families.

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Free Granite Flower Vase or Porcelain Picture

Like us on Facebook and redeem your coupon to use towards a Granite Flower Vase or Porcelain Picture for your loved one's memorial. With a purchase of $2,000 or more, you receive a FREE gift of a 3"x2" Porcelain picture ($375 Value) or 5"x9" Granite Flower Vase ($375 Value). To claim use promo code and talk store representative.
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