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For 37+ years our family has been committed to helping families like yours create unique, personalized memorial monument headstones. This is our mission and "Why We Do What We Do".

Now you can tell the "Life Story" of your past family members to future generations using your family's own artwork. Or create a memorial with exclusive, beautiful Montana Memorial Art™ from the late founder, Orville Bealer.

Experience the reward of creating a permanent tribute that your Great-Great Grandchild will see and make connection to you. Below are a few designs we've helped our clients create to speak to their future family.

Remember... they want to know about you and where they came from. All of us do!


Preserve Your Name and Heritage forever!

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Montana inspired Rocky Mountain Top Monuments™

The Rocky Mountains are the "Crown of the Continent". These hand chiseled mountain tops remind us of this beautiful "Crown".

These Rocky Mountain Top Monuments™ are as unique as your precious loved one. Give them the Best Last Gift... a permanent tribute that stands out from all the other headstones.

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Precision Sculpted Artwork™

Precision Sculpted Artwork™ - Carved and Colored Roses

Precision Sculpted Artwork™

Precision Sculpted Artwork is hand carved by highly trained artists. Each part of the sculpted artwork is carefully crafted to look like a real rose flower, hummingbird or artwork you choose specifically for you loved ones memorial. Create a beautiful 3D sculpture of your family members precious heirloom or artwork.

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Orville Bealer Signature Artwork™

The late Orville Bealer was the founding artist at Glacier Monuments. He created highly detailed, realistic mountain landscape artwork for memorial monument headstones.

Living most of his life on the Eastern front of the Montana Rocky Mountains, Orville was inspired to express his God-given gift with this artwork.

Now you can express your family’s love of the majestic Montana mountain beauty, deeply engraved in memorial granite... that will last forever!

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Orville Bealer Signature Artwork™

Orville Bealer Signature Artwork™

Create With Your Family Artwork!

Your family has a natural born artist. Now you can use their personal artwork to create a one-of-a-kind memorial for you loved one. These artful expressions will touch your heart and spark your families fond memories. Discover how other families have done this and how you can too!

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Life Story Picture Memorials™

Honor your loved ones life by showcasing the things that meant the most to them on a memorial, laser etched to last forever!

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Custom Benches

You can create a bench to memorialize a loved one and as a practical place to sit and rest. These are a few of the custom benches we've created for many families.

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How granite memorials are made... Start to Finish!

Before seeing the light of day, the granite used for making a memorial monument headstone is hidden deep within the Earth.

Extracting it from the depths of the Earth. Shaping and forming the second hardest material known to man into beautiful, unique headstones requires special tools, skills and much hard work.

Watch this fascinating video to see the steps from quarry to the finished memorial monument headstone.

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Expressions From Families We've Helped

Idell Weydemeyer

I waited to purchase a headstone because after a death, many things need attention; a headstone was one that could wait. I also wanted it to be special so I had to look around and decide what to do. When I first saw the memorial, I felt sadness, yet pleasure that the headstone with information and a photo would help people remember our loved one. I enjoyed the size, design, good lettering, and nice photo placement on the memorial the best. I received a lot of careful attention to my needs and help clarifying my ideas. There were lots and lots of patience shown while I made the final decisions. I would definitely recommend Glacier Monuments to others. They have a big selection of stones and it was a pleasure to work with their team.  

Jean Davis

We looked at a few places and felt I was simply a customer to be dealt with. At Glacier Monuments, we sensed a genuine understanding of what we were experiencing as well as a desire to make this a family decision. Both our headstone and fountain step plaque held so much symbolism for all of us. It was a deeply moving time seeing our suggestions come together in a lasting tribute. The workmanship and materials are elegantly executed for a beautiful display. We benefited from feeling family pride, peace of mind, and gaining pleasant memories during this process. We would absolutely recommend Glacier Monuments to our friends and family; we always felt like we were a priority. The care and concern received are priceless. There was no pressure of any kind. The patience displayed as the family shared various desires was amazing. We would like to express a feeling of sincere gratitude to the mother and son team who reached out to so many in a difficult part of our lives.  

Marvin Black Weasel

The biggest obstacle I faced, preventing me from purchasing a headstone, was accepting the death of my father. I am pleased with the monument and the life it represents. The first time I saw the headstone I was overwhelmed, it is understated much like my father. Tasteful and elegant. The simplicity of the shape, the clean and elegant lettering, and the rope outline - all of these features reflected my father's life. I received courtesy from Ron & Carole throughout the process, I received meaningful communication, especially the full size photograph of the monument before it was completed, and the memorial was placed in a timely manner. I recommended Glacier Monuments to my relative and she in turn commissioned a monument for her daughter. I wholeheartedly recommend Glacier Monuments to anyone seeking a fitting memorial for a loved one.   [code]Insert your content here[/code]Save Save Save

Lynda Saibini

I live in Virginia and my parents lived in Whitefish, MT. My father passed away in 2011. I went to Glacier Signs and Monuments with my sister and picked out a monument for my parents. Mr. Bealer and his mother own and operate the business. They are wonderful, compassionate people. The monument was completed in an adequate time frame and is beautiful. Exactly as I and my sister designed. Then my mom passed away this past January 2016, so her date of death needed to be added. Mr Bealer sent me a video of the monument being removed from the cemetery to be taken back to his shop to add the date and also to have it "pinned" to help prevent vandalism. He also sent me photos of the monument when it was back in place in the cemetery. He kept me informed along the way of the progress. They also have a very convenient payment plan if needed, where you can make payments online. Their work is fantastic and beautiful. It is done with love and respect. I highly recommend this company. It was a comfort and relief for me to do business with them, especially on something this important with me being over 2500 miles away and yet they made every effort to keep me informed and in the loop so I felt like I was there. Thank you.

Tori Byington

We purchased a headstone. Ron was amazing to work with. Save

Mary Levinson

From the moment my daughter and I visited the office, we were well taken care of. Choosing and designing a headstone is never an easy process and Ron and his mother/partner handled our situation with great sensitivity. They create beautiful and unique headstones as well as the more ordinary. They do their best to meet the desires and budget of their customers. We had numerous interactions on the phone, via e-mail and in person; all were handled professionally. I felt like we were their only customers when that was not the case at all. We had a great experience that I hope to not have to repeat any time soon! I worked with Ron Bealer to design a special headstone for my parents' graves. He has amazing design skills and was really easy to work with. He followed up with me multiple times to make sure that what his company would be creating met with my desires. I highly recommend this wonderful company.