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March 29, 2016
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Loving Words of Endearment

Words have extraordinary power. They can affect our mood and disposition. What is expressed to us can make us feel warm and fuzzy or irritate and upset us. What we say to each other can build up or tear down our relationships.

The written word carries more weight than the spoken word. The long-term influence on us is greater because writing is more permanent than the spoken word.

Do you remember the first love letter or love note you received from that someone special? Do you remember the rush of emotions and how it made you feel? You probably still have that letter or note!

I still have each of the love letters my husband sent to me before we were married, nearly 59 years ago. Because he was an artist, he had drawn on the top of each page. I even let my Mother read them, because they were so unique. To this day, these are very precious to me. Even though he’s been gone 21 years, the letters bring back cherished memories of our life together!

Every day in my work, I help family members use words in a very unique, special way. I have the privilege of helping my clients express their feelings and thoughts about a special loved one. It’s both challenging and rewarding. I’m often pleasantly surprised at what we come up with together to express their feelings.

Family is the strongest relationship bond that we can experience. Our heavenly Father tells us to “Honor your father and your mother in order that your days may prove long…”

Do you have a special family saying?

Most families do. As you go about your busy, active life… pause and reflect on your loved ones, the endearing things they have said to you. Don’t hesitate to preserve that Loving Term of Endearment. I would feel honored if you shared your family’s special terms of endearment with me.

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